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Pulled Lyrics Andrew Lippa : pulled lyrics Wednesday Addams confesses her love for Lucas, and also her expresses her concern if her mother, Morticia, found out about her turn to the ‘light side

Pulled Lyrics
Song: Pulled
Artist: Andrew Lippa
Featuring : Krysta Rodriguez
Produced by : Decca Records & Andrew Lippa
Album : The Addams Family

Pulled Lyrics

I don’t have a sunny disposition
I’m not known for being too amused
My demeanor’s locked in one position
See my face? I’m enthused
Suddenly, however, I’ve been puzzled
Bunny rabbits make me want to cry
All my inhibitions have been muzzled
And I think I know why pulled lyrics

I’m being pulled in a new direction
But I think I like it
I think I like it
I’m being pulled in a new direction
Through my painful pursuit
Somehow birdies took root
All the things I detested impossibly cute
God! What do I do?

Mother always said be kind to strangers
But she doesn’t know what they destroy
I can feel the clear and present dangers
When she learns that the boy…

Has got me pulled in a new direction
But I think I like it

That was good! That was good!

I think I like it

Do it again! Do it again!


I’m being pulled in a new direction
But this feeling, I know is impossible
So I’ll confide that I’ve tried but I can’t let it go
It’s disgustingly true!
Pulled, pulled, pulled!

Puppy dogs with droopy faces
Unicorns with dancing mice
Sunrise in wide open spaces
DisneyWorld – I’ll go there twice!
Butterflies and picnic lunches
Bunches of chrysanthemums
Lollipops and pillow fights and christmas eve
Sugar plums!
String quartets and Chia Pets
And afternoon banana splits
Angels watching as I sleep
And Liberace’s Greatest Hits!

Have got me pulled in a new direction!
If they keep insisting, I’ll stop resisting
Just watch me pulled in a new direction
I should stay in the dark
Not obey every spark
But the boy has a bite
Better far than his bark!
And you bet I’ll bite too
Do what’s truly taboo
As I’m pulled in a new direction! pulled lyrics

Pulled Video Song

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