Awesome !! 101+ Food Pick Up Lines Very Funny

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food pick up lines : Did you know that there are some people who use food pick up lines to try their way into getting to start a conversation with a girl? It may sound surprising but these types of Food pick up lines actually manage to get them the attention of girls.

But this begs the question, do pick up lines work, like really work?

Awesome Food Pick Up Lines

For some, pick up lines work without a flaw. But for others, pick up lines are frowned upon. It all depends on how well you are able to deliver your line and how confident you are about what you are saying to a woman you like.

Check out some of these pick up lines and try them out. You’ll be surprised at your success when you try using them on a girl you like.

food pick u line

Cheesy Food pick up lines

  1. Are you going to the BBQ (What BBQ?) My meat in your grill –BBQ
Cheesy Food pick up lines

2. Do you like BBQs, cause I’m gonna slap my meat across your grill –BBQ

3. This city has [insert number] of microbrews, but only this one has the blonde I want. –Bar food pick up lines

4. You look so good, I could put you on a plate and sop you up with a biscuit! –Biscuit Cheesy Food pick up lines

5. If it’s true that we are what we eat, I could be you by morning! –Breakfast

6. I wanna butter your toast and eat you for breakfast. –breakfast

7. Let’s do breakfast tomorrow. Should I call you or nudge you? –Breakfast

8. I’m going to make you breakfast…Omelet you suck this dick. –Breakfast

9. I love the way you move…like butter on a bald monkey. –Butter

10. You look like a cake I’m dying to get a piece of, before Janice from accounting eats you all up. Janice is a cannibal, and that’s not a joke. –Cake

11. Girl you’re sweet as candy, can I taste u –Candy Cheesy Food pick up lines

12. Your name must be Candy… ‘cuz you look so sweet. –Candy

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13. Mmm girl! You so sweet I’m gonna get diabetes! –Candy

14. You’re like my favorite candy bar, half sweet, half nuts. –Candy Bar

15. Have you ever tried hand-pulled, salted cardamom toffee? Why don’t we head back to my place and I’ll whip you up a batch. -Candy; Toffee

16. Damn girl! have you been eating Lucky Charms?(why?) because you’re looking magically delicious! –Cereal

17. Is your daddy Tony The Tiger (Frosted Flakes) because you look gggggreat –Cereal Cheesy Food pick up lines

18. Omelette you in on a secret. You and I would brie perfectly gouda. Life would be feta if we were togetha. We’ll be grate. –Cheese

19. I want to grow mold with you. Just like blue cheese. –Cheese

20. If you get with me, I can promise more than just a gouda time. –Cheese

21. My love for you is as hot as deep fried mozzarella sticks. –Cheese

22. If anyone else hits on you, I’ll just tell them, “That’s nacho girl.” –Cheese

23. Without you, my heart feels like swiss cheese – full of holes. –Cheese

24. Let’s ditch this party and hit the after-Havarti at my place. –Cheese

25. I can’t control myself around you. You turn me into a muenster. –Cheese

27. God put as much work into you as a fine piece of artisan cheese. –Cheese

28. You’re like a fancy French cheese. Some people find your strong aroma offensive but I know it just means you’re high quality. –Cheese

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Food Pick Up Lines

  1. I’m Not Good At Cooking, So Let’s Go Out Sometime! This is a really smooth pick up line. Everybody’s got to eat, right?
Food Pick Up Lines

2. I Would Love To Make You A Variety Of Sandwiches Every Day If Only You Will Let Me. Cute, subtle, and not too direct. food pick up lines

3. A World Without Food Is Horrible But A World Without You Is A Disaster I Don’t Want To Know. It’s a bit cheesy but will be sure to make her giggle.

4. You Have The Ability To Heighten My Senses More Than Any Food I Know. It’s sure to make her smile and curious.

5. I Want To Be Delivered To You Like Your Most Favorite Food To Give You Comfort. Ask her what her favorite comfort food is too.

6. God Put As Much Work Into You As A Fine Piece Of Artisan Cheese. You make me so gouda! food pick up lines

7. I Love You More Than I Love Food And That’s Saying Something. It’s true in one or more occasions.

8. The Food Tastes 10x Better When I Am Eating With You. Of course, her company is what makes your appetite better.

9. You Look Lovelier Than Any Food I Have Ever Seen In My Entire Life. Her appearance is a lot better than food! food pick up lines

10. I Think We’re Mint To Be! Best to hand her your favorite mints.

11. You’re Like Noodle Soup, I Could Never Pho-Get About You. Would you like to join me in eating Vietnamese food pho-ever? food pick up lines

12. Let’s Taco About Love. I bet you’re straight up spicy!

13. Salami Get This Straight, You’ve Stolen My Heart. Let’s get pizza!

14. Do You Wanna Be My Butter Half? You make my heart melt.

15. You Are A Warm Soup I Am Always Looking Forward To After A Long Drive During Winter. Aw. This one’s cute. It’s like you’re telling her she comforts you.

16. You Must Be Peanut Butter Because You’re Making My Legs Feel Like Jelly. Her presence makes you nervous. food pick up lines

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17. I Want You. I Knead You. Let’s get bread together!

18. You’re My Missing Ingredient. I checked everywhere for you in my pantry but here you are.

19. You Be My Dairy Queen, I’ll Be Your Burger King, We Can Have It Your Way, I’ll Treat You Right! This feels like a Taylor Swift song!

20. Your Eyes Are As Effervescent As This Sparkling Water. I’d love to drink sparkling water with you every day.

funny food pick up lines

1. Will You Mind If I Egg-Plant A Kiss On You? Make sure you kiss her on the cheek! food pick up lines

funny food pick up lines

2. I Feel I’m Already In Love With You But I Just Don’t Know Where To Starch. You can accompany this with a flour!

3. You Leave Me Wonton More. Chinese food anyone?

4. Do You Wanna Ketchup Over Beer? This works for friends too!

5. You’ve Stolen A Pizza My Heart. You can write this on a pizza box and present it to her for added points. food pick up lines

6. Can You Imagine The Pasta-Bilities If We Got Together? Being with you is so al-dente!

7. I’m Just Like A Dumpling. I Have Fillings For You. Pick your favorite dumpling filling! food pick up lines

8. Are You From Starbucks? Because I Like You A Latte. Write this down on a Starbucks cup!

9. Your Name Must Be Coca-Cola, Because You’re So-Da-Licious. Oh boy! This is a good one!

10. Baby, If You Were A Fruit You’d Be A Fineapple. I’d like to put you all over my pizza!

11. You’re Like My Favorite Candy Bar, Half Sweet, Half Nuts. The nuts part is a little tricky. food pick up lines

12. You Must Put A Lot Of Spices In Your Food Because You Look Smoking Hot. What are your favorite spices?

13. Donut Take This The Wrong Way But I Just Want To Sprinkle You With Sugar And Spice. Cinnamon and all things nice work too!

14. Take Me To Your Bakery, Because I Want A Cutiepie Like You! Is she a sweet or a savory pie?

15. Are You A Doughnut? Because I Find You A-Dough-Rable. This one is too cute! food pick up lines

16. Do You Have Raisins? How About A Date? This is sure to make her laugh!

17. Now What’s On The Menu? Me-N-U Probably a good pick up line to say when you’re both ordering something.

18. I Think We’d Make A Cute Pear. For best results, hold up a pear.

19. You Make My Heart Skip A Beet. Beets are supposed to be good for the heart! food pick up lines

20. If You Were A Vegetable You’d Be A Cutecumber. She’ll like this one!

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