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Crazier Than You LyricsAndrew Lippa : crazier than you lyrics – Wednesday starts the song by doubting whether she can live as Lucas’s wife if she is crazier than him. Lucas responds by explaining why he feels crazier than her. They continue this back and forth banter until the end of the song when Wednesday shoots an apple on Lucas’s head and is convinced that this arrangement might work.

Crazier Than You Lyrics
Song: Crazier Than You
Artist: Andrew Lippa
Featuring : Wesley Taylor & Krysta Rodriguez
Produced by : Decca Records & Andrew Lippa
Album : The Addams Family

Crazier Than You Lyrics

Once, I was hopeful
Thought we were one.
Life, less than perfect
Finally begun.
But, now I wonder
Are we undone?
I wanna treasure you in death as well as life
I wanna cut you with my love and with my knife
But can I live as your tormentor and your wife?
When I am crazier than you
I’m crazier than you
And nothing up ’til now has proved me wrong
I’m crazier than you
That’s just the overview
So get on board or simply move along crazier than you lyrics

I’m not impulsive
(and yet I truly love you)
I’m not deranged
(I’d never ask that of you)
But in this moment
{I feel I’ve changed.
[I wanna climb Mount Everest, go to Mozambique
I wanna be impulsive, want to be unique
Can you believe I mean it when you hear me shriek
I’m crazier than you
I’m crazier than you
And now I’ll prove to you exactly how
I’m crazier than you
I’ll do what you can do
From here on in I give my solemn vow

Pluck the arrow from its quiver,
Hold it in your hand be brave.


Pierce the apple not the liver
Or we’re dancing on my grave.

Place it in the bow and steady

Can’t you shoot that thing already! crazier than you lyrics

I wanna demonstrate that fear is my ideal
(Girl, believe me fear is your ideal)
‘Cause in the moment that you’re frightened, life is real
(Then my life must be real real!)
And in a flash when I release and seal the deal

I’m crazier than you
I’m crazier than you
And nothing hurts me when I hear you say
I’m crazier than you
Psychotically into
And that is all I need to face the day
I’m crazier than you
I’m crazier than you
And live or die I’ll let you have control
I’m crazier than you
So say you love me too
From here on in you’re singing to my soul
My soul! crazier than you lyrics

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